Week 21 Theme #21 The Wild Side

I was taking a walk with my camera on what I thought was the quiet end of Siesta Beach and found “The Wild Side!”


Week 20 Theme #20 Wildcard: Surf at Venice Fish Pier

Spent a recent windy afternoon at the pier. Took this with my Lensbaby Sol45 Before posting it here I posted it on Instagram with a few hashtags. One of which was #lensbaby. Well the wild thing is that it was found by Lensbaby and made one of their “photos of the week” last week! A photographer in Wyoming saw it and contacted me.

Week 18, Theme #18 Door

Two weeks ago I was in Massachusetts on business and went on a mini photo hike to the Echo Bridge /Hemlock Gorge in Newton. I planned to use a pathway over the waterfall to shoot the icy water. Well, now there is a door preventing anyone from crossing. Took this with my lensbaby.lrg__dsc7370

Week 17, #17 Twilight

The dusk and twilight hours are my favorite hours to take photos.  I still love sunsets but I like to wait until after the sun has gone down to get the blue sky and magical glow.  This photo was taken at the Venice Fishing Pier just after sunset as twilight was making its appearance.  venice pier blue hour 3